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The pandemic, Tell us your story | Tales from the trenches

As they say, we didn’t see that coming…

We would love to hear stories from what your company experienced through this trying period.

What if, we knew now back then, what changes if any would change/be implemented at your company?

What exceptional stories are there to share about your team?  We know of one company whom implemented over 1200 vpn tunnels in a matter of a few weeks.  Tell us  your tales from the trenches.

  • Processes that worked / didn’t work for employee management.
  • Processes that worked / didn’t work for client management.
  • Things that today, still makes one shudder or laugh.


Submit your story for consideration.  Share the wealth to help others.

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Win a full year of Email reConnector service if your article is published. Other prizes based on amount of content provided.

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We are problem solvers who love helping people, doing the impossible while having fun doing it.  We engage with our clients like they are family.  We love working with them, watching their companies grow.  There is no greater reward than seeing our clients prosper.   To learn more about Visionary 360, visit our website at or setup an introductory meeting to discuss your needs.

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