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Add Alerts to Company or Contacts

VIP contact?  Special instructions needed for a selected company contact or company?

Now using a new feature in ConnectWise Manage, this can be accomplished easily using a Service Alert.   This is available for “Company” and “Contact”.

Now before going crazy with this new feature you need to know about a limitation.  ConnectWise limits us to a total of 5 Service Alerts.  Plan accordingly, creating them as generic as possible.

Example:  Special instructions needed.  Since we can’t add these per company in the system, make it known about the special instructions but send your team to your documentation system for the details.

To enable this feature we’ll navigate to the setup tables:  

Company:  Setup Tables > Company Type
Add a new Company Type, select Enable Service Alert, and add your alert message.


Contact:  Setup Tables > Contact Type
Add a new Contact Type, select Enable Service Alert, and add your alert message.

Now let’s enable this for a Company.  Navigate to Companies > Companies, search and select the desired Company in which the alert is to be added to.

Navigate to Company Finance, then in the Company Pod select the drop down to add a company type.  From here chose the Service Alert desired and save.

To enable for a Contact, the process is similar.  Navigate to Companies > Companies, search and select the desired Company.  Select the Contacts tab, and select the desired contact.  In the Contact Details Pod, select the drop down for Type and add the desired Service Alert.

That completes the setup and enabling a Company or Contact with the Service Alerts feature.  Find an open ticket and you will notice the alert message at the top of the ticket.

Again, be wise in setting up your notices as you are limited to 5 Company Service Alerts and 5 Contact Service Alerts.

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