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Adding BrightGauge Gauges to ConnectWise Manage Pods

CW Mange allows for you to host external content within some of their Tabs and Screens using the Manage Hosted API Setup Table. BrightGauge Gauges can be an excellent addition, to track Data that is relevant to a specific module.

  1. Navigate to System Setup Tables > Manage Hosted API.
  2. Click the New Item icon.
  3. Enter the name of the tab or pod you are creating in the Description field.
  4. Select which Screen you want the content to display on.
  5. Log into your BrightGauge Account and click on the Gauges tab.
  6. Search for the Gauge that you would like to display within CW Manage.
  7. Copy the URL.
  8. Paste it into the URL field of your Manage Hosted API setup.
  9. Indicate if you want the content to appear as a Tab or a Pod.
    • Enter the default Pod Height in pixels if you selected Pod.
  10. Select Enable if you want the content to be restricted by location.
    • Select the Locations you want to have access to the content.
  11. Click SAVE


If you have selected the “display as Tab” option, it will automatically appear as the very last Tab when you re-open the item you have added it to.



If you have selected the “display as Pod” option, you will want to make sure that you set it to display within the screen.



*Please note that any credentials and multi-factor-authentication established for Brightgauge may need to be entered in the Pod and/or Tab to access and load the iframe within CW Manage.

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