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Tracking Sales Tax Exemptions | ConnectWise Manage

Tracking expirations is super easy with ConnectWise Manage.  ConnectWise Manage has a tool known as Configurations which can also be used for tracking multiple aspects, which in our example we will track expirations for a custom created Configuration type.

To see a list of Configurations already created in your system, navigate to the Menu option Companies > Configurations.

For this example, we’ll create a new Configuration Type named Sales Tax Exemptions.

  • Navigate to System > Setup Tables > Configuration List.
  • Click the + to create a new Configuration.
  • Type State Sales Exemption in Configuration Type, Save & Close.


Next let’s create a Workflow Rule to send a reminder to the customer’s contact once the Exemption is 30 days from expiration.

  • Navigate to System > Setup Tables > Workflows.
  • Create a Workflow Rule Set.  Our example is named Configuration Rules – (8×5) which signifies that this rule set will run under My Company Office Hours.
  • Create a trigger event.  Ours looks for the Configuration Type of Sales Tax Exemptions, if the Configuration is Active, and the expiration date is 30 days.
  • Create an action for when this Workflow Rule is triggered.  Our example will send an email to the contact of the Configuration.
  • Enable the Workflow Rule Set, running every 1 hour during My Company Office Hours.



Now that the Configuration Type and Workflow Rule is in place, let’s create a Configuration for a customer.

  • Navigate to Companies > Configurations.
  • Click the + to create a new Configuration.
  • For our example, we are using the name State Sales Exemption.  Enter this in the Configuration Name field.
  • Select Sales tax Exemptions for the Type.
  • Select Active for the status.
  • Select the Company that this configuration will be owned by.  (Customer)
  • Select the contact for the customer that is responsible for this certificate.  An email would be sent to this person upon expiration is near.
  • Select the Expiration date that this State Sales Exemption Certificate will expire.



In our example we showed how to create a Configuration, that when 30 days prior to expiration, will send the customer contact a notice about their Sales Tax Exemption certificate being close to expiration.

Configurations can be extremely helpful in automating tasks that typically fall through the cracks of any operation.  Without them, chaos is eminent.



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