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ConnectWise Manage and Office 365

Important: On February 29th, Microsoft will be enforcing a new security defaults policy for Azure and Microsoft CSP partners. This new policy blocks legacy protocols including SMTP and IMAP. On-premise partners who use Office 365 for their outbound email will need to download a patch that will be sent to 2020.1 and 2020.2 which installs a SMTP Relay Service on your Manage server. This new service will allow those who are part of the Microsoft CSP program to continue sending outbound emails.

What a great way to start your day with this email showing up in your inbox.  What does this mean?  It varies depending if your a Microsoft CSP partner or an Office 365 user however the common aspect is if you use Office 365 for emails and calendaring.  Here is a quick guide to help you convert and/or setup ConnectWise Manage to link with Office 365.

The items we’ll cover in this blog:

  1. Email Connector
  2. Calendar Sync
  3. On-Premise SMTP requirements

Email Connector

There are two parts to setting up an email connector.  The connection, then the email connector.  ConnectWise Manage supports two types of connections.  IMAP and Office 365.   IMAP is no longer being supported for Office 365 which brought the new Office 365 Email List connection type however IMAP will still be supported in ConnectWise Manage.

To setup Office 365, navigate to System > Setup Tables > Office 365 Email > Click + to start.

  1. Name for this connection.  This is for internal use.
  2. Inbox folder
  3. Failed folder
  4. Processed folder
  5. Email address for this connection
  6. Save the connection
  7. Authorize the connection.  The authorization process will ask for a username and password.  A user account with Global admin rights should be used.  The wizard will request permission to complete the connection setup.  Once completed, the Tenant ID, Client ID and to the right of the Authorize button will display information.

Repeat this for each email connection required.

When completed, navigate to System > Setup Tables > Email Connector List

If an existing Email Connector’s connection is being migrated to O365, open the Email Connector to be modified.

  1. Change the existing IMAP connection to Office 365 connection.
  2. Select a newly created Office 365 Email which is for this Email Connector.
  3. Save and repeat for any other Email Connectors needing modified.

Calendar Sync

Calendar sync supports a variety of connections, however we will discuss the Office 365 connection in this blog article.

Navigate to System > Setup Tables > Calendar Sync

For Calendar Version, select Office 365

NOTE:  FEBRUARY 28, 2020  REPORTED BUG FOUND.  After performing the authorization it still shows False, DO NOT SAVE, simply click the back button, then click back into Calendar Sync.  It should show Authorized at this point.

  1. Enter your domain name
  2. Save the connection
  3. Authorize the connection.  Similar to the Office 365 Email List setup, a user account with global admin rights will be required to authorize this connection.

*For Calendar Versions other than Office 365, see this ConnectWise University Document for setup information, or for more information on the Modern Authentication method which replaces the Legacy Authentication that most presently use.

On-Premise SMTP requirements

The ConnectWise SMTP Relay Service will be required if you have an on-premises ConnectWise Manage Server and use Office 365 for your email service.  Download, install and run the relay service.  A full  list of instructions are available on this ConnectWise University document .


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