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Simplify Tax Code Updates | ConnectWise Manage

July brings new tax codes to many states and municipalities.  Updating tax codes in ConnectWise Manage can be painstaking as the built-in tools for mass updating these codes are very limited.  Visionary 360 has created a Productivity Tool called Mass Maintenance Booster (MMB).

Included in MMB is a Tax Code Module.  This module allows updating tax codes in bulk with a simple find & update, and handles updating tax codes for Company, Agreements and Sites.

Our newest feature release includes the ability to schedule tax code changes instead of waiting to do them the day they take effect.  

A very important note:  Never “update” the current tax code with an updated number.  This will update the entire system, retroactive back to the beginning with this updated code, causing the financial data to be modified which of course isn’t a good thing.  More information & tips on tax code updates here.

Matthew Zaroff, founder of Visionary 360 explains the new features released with MMB release 1.4.2.

What could you do with a few extra hours?  Find out by using Mass Maintenance Booster – Tax Codes. 

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