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Using custom fields to help with service management

Service Management:  Ashton Technology Solutions came to Visionary 360 with a list of issues from a management perspective and wondered if custom fields could be used to help manage them.

ISSUE:  They needed the ability to:

  1. Ability to “flag” a ticket that gets closed, but needs to be reviewed, pre-billing.
    Example:  Time sheet entries are reviewed on a daily basis, in which some entries will be desired to follow-up on, or the resolution for this ticket might need a document created or updated from the findings for future support or training opportunities.
  2. Ability to “flag” a time entry specifically for review.
    Example:  It may be desired to keep specific tickets with hot button issues, or for a problematic client.  Need to keep these types of tickets on the service manager/service coordinators radar.
  3. Restrict the ability to enable these functions.


  1. Created two custom fields, in the ticket finance tab where access is limited by security roles.
    a.  Management Review:  Drop down list (Allows future additions)
    b.  Urgent Management Review:  Check box
    c.  Allowed “List View”, this allows tickets to be visually sorted when viewed from the Service Board Ticket list view.
  2. Created two workflows.  Custom fields allows broad trigger ability, allowing one workflow to be used against all service boards.
    a.  Rule #1:  If Urgent Management is checked, then alert Service Manager and COO immediately.  Workflow will include Ticket number, company and contact information into the email notification.
    b.  Rule #2:  If Management review <Drop down action> is selected, notify Service Manager and COO when ticket is closed.  Workflow will inject the <Drop down action> reason, Ticket number, Company and contact information into the email notification.


Custom Field #1:












Custom Field #2:








Ticket List View Field Enabled:







Custom Fields in Ticket Finance Tab:







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