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Don’t Forget – Required End of Year Tasks – ConnectWise Manage

Unfortunately a team member gets called out New Years Day,  and while submitting a time entry for the ticket, they receive and error disallowing their entry.

There is two items that need to be setup before time entries can be entered into ConnectWise Manage January 1, 2020.   If you have not done this yet, do it now!

Navigate to System > Setup Tables > Time & Expense > Time Period.  From here you will see your past setup for Time and Expense.   Review your current settings to familiarize yourself then click the + symbol to create your new Time Period.

To dive deeper into what the settings are, should you separate or combine, take a look at the help docs by clicking the ? icon, upper right of the current open window.

Once you have created a new time period, your team can create time entries.

To learn more about End of Year Tasks, download our End of Year Guide so you can be fully prepared for 2020.