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Handling recurring tasks using Ticket Templates

Are your customers paying you to maintain their systems?  Are you routinely spot checking their systems?  Let’s face it, we all love robots including AI,  yet these are built by humans.  They will fail at some point, it’s not if, but when!

Too many solution providers don’t routinely check a client’s backup system.  Heck, even if they are a break fix client (Which we call On-Demand), you should still poke into their backups while onsite as a gesture of good faith.  We call that potential up-selling, while some others call it ethical or even harsher, a way out of lawsuits but that’s for another blog.

A sure guaranteed way to make sure that routine tasks are carried out is to create recurring tickets.  Within ConnectWise Manage this is known as Ticket Templates.

For repeatable types, create a master template within the system area:  System > Setup Tables > Ticket Templates. System master templates can be used when creating ticket templates at the company level.

For each client, open their company and navigate to the Ticket Templates tab.  Select a master ticket template to keep consistency or you may choose to create a one off for your respective client need.

Within a template, you can do the following:

  • Specific tasks for this ticket
  • Budget time
  • Specific assigned resources
  • Schedule hold in advance before a ticket is created
  • Attach a document or link to a SOP within your documentation system
  • Create as client facing or internal use ticket
  • Attach configurations for advanced reporting
  • One Time, Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly tasks

There is no excuse for not completing recurring tasks with this feature in ConnectWise Manage.