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“Legacy, Life, Leadership and Business”

One of the workflows that we setup for clients pushes an email which says, “This ticket requires human intervention to continue….”.

Human intervention…  Is your business or personal life ready for human intervention, where you are not the human?

Being past founding members of HTG peer groups, now known as IT Evolve by ConnectWise, we routinely discussed the topic of “Legacy, Life, Leadership and Business”.   We tend to forget that life does not go on forever as it’s a subject none of us wants to discuss, yet it’s our duty to have things in place.   Arlin Sorensen, founder of HTG and now VP Ecosystem Evangelism at ConnectWise, brought many deep discussions around “Life Planning and Legacy” to our meetings, and to be honest we should listen!

Finances, Wills and Legal Documents is a topic to bring to light for this blog post, just as a hopeful quick reminder for those that have not touched on this to please do so, for your family and business.   If you were to pass today, are you organized enough to help those continuing your business and tidying up the personal side of your life?  In today’s electronic world where usernames, email addresses and passwords are the keys to the kingdom, having these locked in your head will not really help once you are gone.   This blog post in no way is a complete list of action items, but merely a measure of reminder of some things which needs to be in place.

Make sure passwords are securely documented, using some form of password management tools which would allow exporting and can be securely locked away.

Make sure you have a Living Will and other legal documents in place. Discuss this with your personal attorney to make sure you are fully protected along with making sure everyone in your circle understands your wishes.

Make sure that your business operations are fully documented and can run for a length of time without you present.  This should be the first step any business owner should accomplish once their business has matured.  Take a small vacation, come back and work through problem areas which were found weak, repeat this process until the only thing missing was your smile in the office.

If you are a single owner, consider a member of your peer group or have a written agreement in place with a friendly competitor who can step-in in times of need, as placing this burden on your family is just added stress to the mixture.

To learn more about Life Planning visit and dedicate some of your time to remove this from the list of things “You should of taken care of”.