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Monitoring On-premise ConnectWise Manage

Solution Providers do a great job of monitoring and maintaining their client’s systems; however, many tend to forget their own equipment.

If your company’s ConnectWise Manage installation is On-Prem instead of cloud hosted SaaS, are you monitoring it?  We have put together a quick list of services that should be in your monitoring stack.

The following are the actual service names which most RMM systems will look for:

  • ConnectWise Email Connector
  • ConnectWise Network Client Service
  • ConnectWise Outlook Sync
  • ConnectWise Updater Service (Also requires windows BITS service to function)
  • ConnectWiseApiCallbackService
  • ConnectWiseBatchApiService
  • ConnectWiseEmailAuditService

If your RMM system can also monitor specific tasks, you can also monitor the following tasks:

  • ManagedITSync
  • Esclog
  • esclog_backup

For more information in scheduled tasks, see the KB Article in the ConnectWise University:

Some other informative KB articles that may be of interest:

Server Maintenance doc:

System Admin Doc List:

Common Errors Installing Patches on ConnectWise Manage:

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