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Disable Support Access to Manage | zAdmin

Today, many are concerned about unauthorized access to their data, and users of ConnectWise Manage happen to fall into this concern. Fear no more as with the release of 2020.2 (April 8th, 2020) a feature to disable access is now a part of the Manage System. To enable this feature, navigate to System > My Company > Scroll to the very bottom right, where you will see a check box labeled  “Disable zAdmin Login”. NOTE:  Once

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Do you Scan? MSERT Tool | Security

Disaster recovery sometimes feels like a Tom & Jerry cartoon. Always chasing the threat for a resolution. Tools, education, planning, and continual proactive management should be a way of life in your company. Microsoft released a new portable Safety Scanner, known as MSERT, which can be run on demand.    Available for 32 and 64 bit operating systems, the tool is free of charge.  To learn more about and download this security tool, read the

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Channel member shares new Cybersecurity book

From  Computersecurity, cybersecurity[1] or information technology security (IT security) is the protection of computer systems and networks from the theft of or damage to their hardware, software, or electronic data, as well as from the disruption or misdirection of the services they provide. Security in the world of IT seems like a cartoon where the cat chases the mouse, a never-ending saga.  Team IT whacks a hacker, the hackers get smarter and circles back to Team IT.  Sound familiar in your daily realm of activities? A few years ago while attending

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Monitoring On-premise ConnectWise Manage

Solution Providers do a great job of monitoring and maintaining their client’s systems; however, many tend to forget their own equipment. If your company’s ConnectWise Manage installation is On-Prem instead of cloud hosted SaaS, are you monitoring it?  We have put together a quick list of services that should be in your monitoring stack. The following are the actual service names which most RMM systems will look for: ConnectWise Email Connector ConnectWise Network Client Service

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How to Enable Google Authenticator for Manage – Employee Guide

If you follow our blog you’d already reviewed our guide to enabling Google 2FA for Manage, which is a great guide for your Manage administrator to follow.  But how do you employees set up the Authenticator, DUO, of Authy app of their choice? Ensure that your Manage admin has already enabled Google Authenticator for your team via each members profile Navigate to System > Setup Tables > Specific Member Profile Reviewing each profile, scroll down

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TSP-ISAO is the first information sharing body dedicated to cybersecurity for TSPs

Sponsored by: ConnectWise Announces Cybersecurity-Focused Organization to Boost Resilience of Technology Solution Provider Industry ConnectWise announced the creation of the independent Technology Solution Provider Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (TSP-ISAO) with the mission of advancing the cybersecurity resilience of the global TSP industry. TSP-ISAO is the first information sharing body dedicated to cybersecurity for TSPs. TAMPA, Fla. – August 29, 2019 – The TSP-ISAO is an independent sharing organization that analyzes information related to cybersecurity risks and

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