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Why multiple service boards?

During a hallway discussion at IT Nation, it was suggested that we create a blog giving some examples of when more service boards should be created.

We see various service board setups in our consulting practice.  Two typical extremes seen:

  • One master service board
  • Multiple service boards (Out of control)


For most service operations, one service board simply is not enough.  Too many tickets on a single board creates confusion, and simply tickets get lost.

Knowing thee average ticket load can help determine if a current service board should be broken out into other specialty boards.

Running  the following report will give an insight to each service board currently in use. 

Navigate to System > All Reports > System Module > Service System Audit Report.

Run the report, then review the data.

A good rule to observe is to keep the ticket count at a manageable level, like no more than 150 tickets.

When creating service boards, keep the following in consideration:

  • Revenue (Line of business, department, etc)
  • Specialty (Backups, custom  monitoring, etc)
  • Agreements (Specialty boards could require a dedicated service board)
  • Ticket overload (See report) 
  • Service teams
  • Security (Restrict views)
  • Each board has it’s own setup: Email address, statuses, everything!


Some typical service board recommendations:

  • Administration
  • Monitoring
  • RMM- Informational (Auto-close)
  • RMM – Actionable (Require technical staff)
  • RMM – Critical (High priority)
  • Accounting
  • Service (Help Desk)
  • Sales
  • Mini-Projects (Revenue coded)
  • HR
  • Recurring
  • Vendor specific monitoring

Remember images used in status templates must be hosted on a webserver.

Images can not be embedded like in an email.

Still not sure of the proper setup for your operation?

Our consulting team would love to help guide you along your journey.  

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