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I forgot, the most loved message for scheduled on-site visits

An onsite visit is scheduled.  The drive was painful, an accident caused stoppage and extreme delays but you still made it to the clients location with time to spare.  Fist pump up in the air!

After entering the clients office, it is clear something is wrong as the person meeting with you is no where in sight.

Someone at the office calls them, and what is heard is “I forgot and won’t be back today”

No one likes to hear this, even if they can be charged for a missed scheduled visit.

ConnectWise PSA has a function that many are unaware of, Meeting Invites.  This function is hidden in the Resources & Meetings Pod.  Using this function will allow the ticket contact to have this scheduled event show on their calendar, hopefully helping the missed appointment issue.

Within a service or project ticket, in the Resources & Meeting pod, Resources is selected by default.

Select Meetings

  1. Enter a name for the meeting. This is what will show in their calendar.
  2. This field is prepopulated with the ticket contact.  Additional contacts can be added manually entered if needed.
  3. This field is prepopulated with internal resources.  Additional resources can be added manually entered if needed.
  4. Enter the date of the scheduled event.
  5. Enter the start time of the scheduled event.
  6. Enter the stop time of the scheduled event.
  7. Select remote or on-site.
  8. Set the reminder time.  This defaults to 15 minutes.
  9. Select the span.
  10. Select Prepare Invite to move to the next stage.

Preparing the Invite:

  • Review the meeting details, making sure they are correct.  If not correct, X out and start over.

  • Enter any information that might help understand what this meeting invite is for.  For remote sessions, include the meeting URL and session details.


Humans will always forget, and nothing is guaranteed but using this method can’t hurt, especially when this happens frequently. 

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