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Add the Point of Contact to Waiting on Client

Ticket created by end user.

  • Help desk tries to contact the ticket contact, however they seem to be unobtainable.
  • Help desk works with the ticket contact but needs to wait to see if the issue is resolved.  Multiple closed loops, phone calls, voicemails and now they are unobtainable. Maybe it’s fixed?

Way too many solution providers experience this issue, wasting time that could be spent helping others in need.  While there is no one method to resolve this headache, we wanted to show one method to try and help.

Many solution providers have Client Contact workflows in place, but they only send emails to the ticket contact.  Installing a second notification which sends a request to the Primary Contact might help.  In this example, we’ll show how to add this secondary action. 

Visionary 360 uses a three service board status setup.

  • Waiting on Client
  • Client Contact 1*
  • Client Contact 2*

* Signifies an outbound status message.

On the workflow which moves the stage from Client Contact 1 to Client Contact 2, add an additional Send Email action.  Select Actions +.

Select the drop down for Send Email.

We want this email to be sent to the Point of Contact for the Ticket Contacts Company. 

  • For Send to:  Select Company (Primary Contact).
  • Next, select Email Address for the Member from field.
  • Enter the email address associated with the service board which this workflow is for.
  • For Subject, create a headline which will grab their attention, don’t forget the SR#[srnumber]/ in the subject or a second ticket will be created if they reply.

Create your message which will grab their attention.  Use our example shown and expand on it.

In our example, you will notice we did not use a token for the Primary Contact.  Currently there isn’t a token for the Primary Contact, just Billing Contact and Contact for the Ticket.

Ask the POC to have the Ticket Contact reach out to your support team.  This has been found to escalate the situation to where the Ticket Contact will be in contact very shortly.

Once completed, your workflow should look similar to this screenshot.

While no method is guaranteed, this method can’t hurt to try if your company is experiencing an abnormal amount of “silence”.

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