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A lesson from public safety – Audit & Review

Creating a workforce to follow a vision can be challenging.   Contrary to popular believe, no one can read the minds of the leadership team, so until science brings this ability to us we need another way to transfer knowledge and “the way” to our employees.

In the Emergency Medical Services world, a popular task known as “Audit & Review” is performed routinely, a procedure that is simple and effective.  Let’s translate their procedure to one that works in the MSP world.

  1. Routinely pick 5 to 6 service tickets.
  2. Share the ticket one by one with the team.
    – Does the summary line match the service performed.  This can be the invoice description but more important, this is the text that will be used for searches within ConnectWise Manage.
    – Ticket notes (Time entries):  Are the notes clear and concise?  Can the notes help solve a similar case in the future.
    – Tell a story to the team:  It’s 2 am and you are on-call.  An issue with a server application is causing a production line to be down and needs to be resolved quickly.  The on-call technician slightly remembers hearing about this from a past incident, so now we just need to find that ticket!  Searching begins with the summary line.  Will the summary of these A&R tickets allow them to be found?  Now we found the ticket!  Woot, big grin and smile as the bed would feel so much better at the moment, BUT will the ticket notes actually allow us to return to the comfy bed?  Relating this now puts a picture into their heads about how these simple items can become gratifying.
  3. Repeat this process monthly with your team and see “the way” being molded into your company.


  1. Prior to discussing the tickets with your service team, review them with the leadership team.  There might be some “rest of the story” details which could be of interest when reviewing with the team.  This allow allows top management to help teach “the way” to your leadership team.
  2. Use Custom Fields:  Add a checkbox to the ticket area which when check could trigger a workflow notification for management.  This could be checked by the technician for “additional review requested” or during the final ticket review process.  If the “List View” option is selected,  an option for filtering becomes available within the Service Ticket Search function.  See our blog article “Using Custom Fields to Help with Service Management” which shows how this can be setup.

Learning from others is a big part of running a business, so why recreate the “wheel” when someone has already built it.  We can learn from others, even if from a different industry model so we hope this helps your business.


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