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Custom Invoices | Customer Spotlight: Arclight Group

Invoices; it is one of the topics which bring some interesting discussions during our consulting calls.  Brian Largent, owner of The Arclight Group, had a vision of an invoice that stood out, different than any other ever seen. Brian needed his vision to be converted into a custom report, which then could be used as an invoice template.

We suggested that Brian work with one of our creative partners, NEXNOW and after the introductions were initiated between the two, a one of a kind custom invoice was born.  Along with being able to bundle products, Brian desired to have images included which could help to define his managed services offerings in a serious professional view.

Custom fields brought the ability to include individual images for each agreement product.  Custom programming then polished what fields would be displayed, netting a beautiful invoice, unlike any we have seen yet.

About The Arclight Group:

Brian Largent, Owner
5020 E 68th Street
Tulsa, OK  74136


ConnectWise Data Experts
PO Box 818 #82952
Charleston, SC 29402-0818