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Customer Portal | Custom Service Catalog

June 2020, we wrote a blog article about the new customer portal for ConnectWise Manage.  A big improvement from the legacy portal!

Today we’ll review another new feature for the customer portal known as Service Catalog.

Imagine a service request that actually contains all the relevant information that your team needs to accomplish the task.  The Service Catalog function helps bring this to reality.

Our example shows a common “New User” request.

! The URL to access the admin interface is:  (Suggest you bookmark this)

Once logged into the admin side of the portal, navigate to the menu icon that looks like an open book.

Now select “Add Service”

Next, let’s build a new Catalog selection.   Drag the desired control in place then update it’s parameters in the right pane.  Continue until all form objects are in place.


Next, setup the parameters for where this form’s ticket should be created.

And finally, select whom should have access to this type of request.

Global Audience selection allows everyone to see and use the form.

Custom Audience allows access based on portal security roles, and portal selection.

What the end user sees when they login to the portal



Create as many unique service catalogs as you need!


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