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Email Connector & Parsing Rules

What is email parsing and why would this be of interest to your organization?

Email parsing is the ability to search for keywords in an email subject line, and perform specific actions against them.

Some of the possible uses:

  • Automatically set the correct company on a ticket
  • Automatically attach a configuration to a ticket
  • Automatically set the Service Priority
  • Automatically set the Service Status
  • Automatically set the Service Type
  • Automatically set the Service Subtype
  • Automatically set the Service Item

Tip 1:  To use the Test Rule function when testing parsing rules, the Manage Internet Client must be used.  This function is not available for use within the Web Browser version.

Tip 2:  Parsing is only available against the Subject Line of the email.


Business Case Scenario 1 (Basic)

A monitoring system’s emails create tickets as CatchAll instead of the correct company.  The format of the subject line contains the proper company name.  It is desired to have the tickets created with the correct company, removing the need to touch each ticket.

Configuring the Parsing Rule(s) for Business Case Scenario 1 (simple)
1. Log in to ConnectWise Manage
2. Navigate to Setup Tables > Email Connector table
3. Choose an email connector and scroll to the bottom
4. Click the (+) symbol to create a new parsing rule
5. Set your Priority
6. Set your Folder Parsing Type (use Custom)
7. Use the Email Subject Line Parsing Rule to set your syntax.
8. Use the drop-down selector, and pick from the list of available tokens.

There are two choices for matching the Customer “Company Name” within the subject line.

A. {company}  – ConnectWise Company ID
B. {Customername}  –  ConnectWise Company Name

Navigate to Company > Company Finance Detail to see this information


Email Parsing Tokens within the Email Connector / Parsing System



Select an actual email to use for testing the setup

Email Alert – Subject line is Monitor is Down: Test Company

For this we’ll use the tokens {problem} and {Customername}.  Use the drop down to fill in the token, add any desired text.  The more text added will define the parsing capabilities, however keep in mind that this will limit the use to a particular function.  Either “Simple” or “Advanced” will require testing.

Applying this to the parsing rule will help the system match each email where it matches the tokens.  The token used will help with that particular setting.  Using a Company token will help match to a Customers company, using a Configuration token will help match to an active Configuration in Manage.  Matching to an active Configuration is a really good idea as it gives more flexibility.

Entries in “New Parsing Rule” are only required for setting Service Priority, Service Status, Service Type, Service Subtype.



Business Case Scenario 2 (Advanced)

It is desired to set the parameters on the ticket when an alert comes in.  Setting parameters allows the use of Workflow Rules giving your company more feature rich alerting actions.

In the example below, additional parsing tokens were added to the subject line rule.  Then text was used to define an action.  In this case when an “Offline” alert was received, the ticket would be set with a defined Service Item.   Now a Workflow Rule can be created to send alerts to the service team, decreasing the response time for this alert.



Testing the Parsing Rule

Click the Test Rule function.  This will pop out the Email Connector Parsing Rule Tester*

*Only available when using the Internet Client, the Web Browser version does not include this testing tool.

Copy and paste the “Subject Line” from the email into the “Enter Test Subject Lines”.

Click “Parse Subject Lines”, the results will display below.  “Found Match” is great!

Troubleshooting Tips:

Adjust spacing between tokens.  Add or remove tokens.  {problem} is a great token to absorb a mass amount of text, kind of like a wild card.


To see the available tokens, visit the ConnectWise University using the link below.

ConnectWise University KB


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