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Consistent Communications | ConnectWise Manage

Service Delivery:  Service quality, availability, and timeliness.

Communications in Service Delivery has many aspects:

  • Person to person
  • Email (Direct, ticketing, automation)
  • Text (SMS)
  • Phone

In ConnectWise Manage, we can use “Standard Notes” to help standardize ticket closed loop time entries.  Contacts and internal auditing will benefit from the uniformity it brings.

Standard Notes is a feature available for ticket and project ticket time entries.  Each configured note can be made to be useable system wide, or limited to a location, department, or service board.  Limiting the use of a note helps to keep the drop-down list from being too long.  Keeping this list short will create ease of use, and help buy in from your team.  The more helpful the pre-configured note, the more helpful it becomes for your team members.

What are some of the uses for Standard Notes?

  • Member signatures
  • Ticket time entries
  • Common help tips
  • Authorization requests
  • Anything that is typed over and over. 

Real world example:

With the selection of a Standard Note drop down,  a template is invoked for a time entry.  This promotes consistency within your team and in this example, helps to promote what the next action step is,  resolving the question “Is this done yet”.

Let’s setup a Standard Note:

  1. Navigate to System > Setup Tables > Standard Note List.
  2. Click the + Symbol to create a note.
  3. The two required fields are Name and Description, add what the content should be in the description area. This will be injected into the time entry area.  Use a name that is short enough and understood.
  4. If desired, the note can be limited to a “Location”, “Department” or “Service Board”. This can be useful if the note is limited in nature.
  5. Save the note and navigate to a ticket to test your new note.

Using a Standard Note:

  1. From within a ticket, create a new time entry. Note at the bottom of the time entry window is a drop down “Choose standard note…”.  Find your newly created note in the list and select.  This will inject the description content from the Standard Note into the time entry area.

  2. Enter the desired content into the time entry.

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