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Implementing Forms Using ConnectWise Campaign

Forms make the world go round, and in this blog, we will show you how a very little unknown gem, ConnectWise Campaign, can help bring automation quickly to your company.

What is ConnectWise Campaign?

Campaign is an add-on for ConnectWise Manage, to help with your sales and marketing needs.  While far from the industry leader Infusionsoft, this add-on has a bunch of useful features for the price tag.  Today we want to touch on a favorite feature of this product, forms.

Your website, a central focal function of your sales and marketing team, is where many of your prospects (and current clients) come to.  Why not bring the power of ConnectWise Manage to your website?  Campaign helps us do this with “Forms”, a part of the Campaign Builder function.  Common uses for website forms include:


CTA – Call to Action (Sales)

The heart of any marketing effort is a CTA. Inside any website page which has any marketing function, a CTA will be found. “Download our FREE Whitepaper”, but you must fill out a CTA form to download it. This allows collection of the prospects contact information which can be used towards further marketing campaigns.

A call to action (CTA) is a marketing term that refers to the next step a marketer wants its audience or reader to take. The CTA can have a direct link to sales. … The CTA can suggest that the reader subscribes to a newsletter that contains product updates, for example.  Investopedia

Using ConnectWise Campaign, you can place different CTA’s in place throughout your website, or special landing pages. Collect the contact information, add to marketing groups, link to a marketing campaign for reporting, create opportunities, activities and or sales tickets.


Contact Us (Sales, Support)

Contact US forms, a necessity for allowing prospects or clients to reach out for information or help.
Using ConnectWise Campaign, you can create as many forms as your heart desires, tying them to different actions.
Collect the contact information, create opportunities, activities and or tickets. Tickets could be for sales or support.









Special landing page forms: Intake forms (Sales, Support)

Hidden landing pages containing specialized forms (For internal use), can bring automation to your office, saving valuable time, and validating that the information collected will be consistent time after time.

Imagine a prospect calls in, opening the Intake form and progressing through the form.
The form, designed just for this internal process, allows collection of information consistently each use.
Unique questions and required information are always collected since the form was designed just for this purpose.
When submitted, the form creates the Company, Point of Contact, Opportunity, and a Sales Ticket.
Doing each of these individually would take an average of 15 minutes but using this form takes less than a minute after the form is submitted.

This same approach could be used for a marketing landing page, tied to a CTA.

The uses are countless, and there are no limits to the amounts of forms created.










ConnectWise Campaign is a great addition for ConnectWise Manage users who do not have embedded forms on their website, or simply do not have any marketing system in use. With its direct integration with ConnectWise Manage, it instantly enables all the rich marketing features which would not be available with other third-party solutions.

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