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Marketing like a Cowboy

Do you market your company?  Like a Cowboy does?

Marketing, it’s a subject that either you LOVE or Hate.  Most IT company owner(s) are either technical or sales in nature.  Techies normally will do anything possible to stay away from marketing.  Why?  It’s awkward, weird, feels wrong and after a few attempts the trash can is the next recipient.  Robin Robins is a well known name in the industry and her company is hosting their “Marketing Boot Camp” May 11 – 14, 2021 in Orlando Florida.  If you or a member of your team would love to learn more, get some great ideas and network with like minded people then take a look at but wait there is more!

Visionary 360 will be there again as a booth sponsor.  If you are a Visionary 360 Alumni then be sure to swing by our booth to pick up your Alumni Sticker, and a few other goodies (New stock of the comedy stickers for your name badge)!

On the fence about going?  Give us a jingle and let’s talk to see if we can help.


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